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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does it state the Base Platform was designed to fit the soft top? Will it fit the Hard Top? I see the Jeep in the product photos has a hard top.


A: The Base Platform will fit on both the soft and hard top. We recommend disconnecting the rear window wiper (as directed by Jeep when removing the hard top) when the rack is in use as the rear wiper path will intersect with the back of the Base Platform on the JK/JKU hard top.


Q: Why does my product look like it has already been put together once? Is this a returned item or previously used?

A: No, rest assured your product is all brand new. The reason it looks like it has been already put together once is because it has. Before we box up any item, we always assemble it first. Just to be sure everything works as it should. After all, this is not a huge corporation with fancy repeatable equipment. Every SPAREA piece and component is made by hand by Jeremy Duvall himself. Therefore, there will be some minor inconsistency in each piece. (We like to call it character)