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" This rack system is fantastic" ~ R Smith after his first excursion using the Adjustable Chair & Fishing Rack Combo. (Sept, 2022)


" Thanks so much for your help throughout the purchasing process. Your customer service is unparalleled. We literally just got back from the beach. The SPAREA Rack did very well. It made unloading and loading up a breeze unlike last year having to crawl into the TJ and position the Yeti Hondo chairs just right while tracking in sand and having to contort the body in such a small space. Now (with the SPAREA Rack) we just load, secure and go. Such a game changer making going to the beach and leaving a pleasant experience as opposed to the previous hassle we were dealing with. The rack stayed perfectly secured in place the entire trip from Tennessee to Ocracoke and back. We are also looking into purchasing a new Bronco. Excited to be able to use the SPAREA Rack on it as well." ~ L. Bricker after their first trip to Ocracoke with the Adjustable Chair Rack hauling their Yeti Hondo Chairs. (Sept, 2022)


"We love the SPAREA Adjustable Chair Rack. I looked everywhere online for something like this.......I think you are the only ones making this type of product. GREAT JOB GUYS! We are all set ready for the beach, camping etc." ~ R Holland upon getting their SPAREA Adjustable Chair Rack set up and ready for their next adventure. (We are the only ones BTW) (July, 2022)