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Our Story

Jeremy Duvall is not only the founder of SPAREA Products, but also the creator and fabricator of all the actual products SPAREA sells. Jeremy has spent more than 20 years in the welding and fabrication field building all manner of vehicles and structures. Quite literally everything from playground equipment to fire trucks. His experience always led him to fabricating things for himself to make life easier or simpler.

He and his wife Allison were planning to take a trip to Topsail Beach in their Jeep Wrangler the summer of 2020 and, as always, Jeremy wanted to take his fishing gear. As many Jeep owners are well aware of, they don’t exactly have a lot of storage space. Especially for long or bulky items.  So, he started searching around his garage to see what materials he had available and how he could make this work. To his surprise in just a few short hours he had created something that we know now as the first revision of the rack. Complete with adjustable chair rack and 6 fishing pole holders. (The pole holders had been removed in the pic below. "Cannibalized" to create revision 2) 

  This first revision was not built as sturdy as what you see today as it was made from what supplies he had on hand at the time. Nor did it have the ability to be disassembled as it was a fully welded unit. However, it worked really well. At the time the Duvall’s lived in Roanoke, Va. and there was not as much need to haul beach chairs regularly, but that didn’t seem to matter. The rack found itself in use time after time in different situations. At tailgates, hauling supplies home from the hardware store and even just as a shelf or a place to secure things from blowing away at cycling events. This new rack had become a permanent addition to the Jeep.

A short time later Allison and Jeremy relocated to Topsail Beach, and it quickly became evident there was a market for the rack. They were using it several times a week to visit the beach and many times people were inquiring about it. It didn’t take long for Family and Friends to convince him to go for it. “Start your own business building these racks” they said, “you’ll get to do what you love (fabricate), and it will be all your own.”

So, together, Allison and Jeremy dove in headfirst. She continued her career and supported him while he designed and built. They tested different designs, thought of ways to reduce cost or size for shipping purposes. Finally, they took the big leap. They spent all the cash they had stashed away, to purchase as much material as they could, and he got to work. Every day he went out to their 1 car attached garage and fabricated while she “brought home the bacon”. Both determined to make this endeavor happen.

One day riding up the interstate he looks at her and says, “what are we going to call it?” and the brainstorming and spit-balling started. Her marketing mind is great for bouncing ides off of and what else were they going to discuss for the next 4 hours. After some back and forth, deliberating the name, SPAREA really had their attention. The rack is using the vehicle’s SPARE tire and the AREA around it. Just add an A to the end of SPARE and both words can be found there together. They were instantly in love with the idea. As soon as they parked the car Jeremy sketched out a logo on a piece of scratch paper and it suddenly became real. “We’re doing this……. (nervously) it’s going to work, and people are going to love it as much as I do!” he thought to himself. Once back home he was back to fabricating and reaching out to friends for help designing a logo.

Fast forward to December 2021 and all their initial investment is boxed up and finally ready to sell. Now the only thing left to do is everything; sell it, get feedback, fix the issues, fabricate and sell more of them. And Jeremy’s favorite part……. back out to the garage to design some new additions to add to the SPAREA line.