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(Gen 2) Base Platform

(Gen 2) Base Platform

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Start building your own custom SPAREA Rack with the Base Platform. Every day that we enjoy the outdoors we find new ideas for additions to add to the Base Platform and the SPAREA Product line. Maybe you want to set one up for beach days and another for hiking and camping. We are continuously coming up with muddy, dirty, sandy, sharp or just simply awkward items we would rather transport outside our vehicle. Follow us for upcoming new products to add to your Base Platform or send us your idea on what you would like to be able to store in your SPARE AREA.

  • All aluminum design with stainless steel hardware means light weight (only 4 lbs.) and no rust.
  • Toolless installation and removal from the vehicle in less than a minute.
  • The SPAREA Base Platform can easily be broken down for flat storage when not in use.

What comes in the Base Platform box: One bottom U bracket, one top U Bracket, two T-Joints (one right and one left) and one ratcheting rope tie-down. Along with one Master Lock Python Cable Lock providing security and safety for your SPAREA Rack.

Link to the installation instructions can be found at the bottom of our Home Page.

Tools needed for assembly are provided in the hardware kit.

Patents Pending on all components.

Note* Certain combinations of tire size, spare tire carrier and vehicle top (hard or soft) will include a 3/8" or 2" wheel spacer that is to be installed between the spare tire and spare tire carrier. Certain custom wheel and tire combinations may require a 3/8" or 2" spacer that is not included. The 3/8" wheel spacer can be purchased separately here. The 2" wheel spacer can be purchased separately here.

Feel free to contact us if you have any quesitons about your specific fit at