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SPAREA Bicycle Event Rack - Oversized Storage Bag

SPAREA Bicycle Event Rack - Oversized Storage Bag

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Some of us would prefer to have a bag to keep our rack from scratching the interior of our vehicle. Others of us will never need a storage bag for our Bicycle Event Rack because we just toss it in the back of our pickup trucks. So, we made the bag an option to help reduce the price for those individuals that will never need one. 

We also wanted to make the bag available in the event your bag wears out or gets damaged

I'm not proud to type this next part but, I'm doing it because I need your help. I purchase these bags online from China. I purchase the SPAREA logos from an American company and heat press them on myself. So, if you know of an American company that can make them for me, please reach out to me. I would prefer to keep all my business inside the United States.

Dimensions of the SPAREA Bicycle Event Rack Oversized Bag are 51" Long x 8"High x 8" Wide

The one thing I didn't want, when I decided to offer a storage bag for the SPAREA Bicycle Event Rack, was to have to fight it to get it in and out of the bag. I wanted a bag big enough for it to be easy to use. This bag is so easy to use we can even put two event racks in it and its still not tight. Exactly what I wanted.

Since we take the truck a lot of times on our cycling adventures I didn't really want my event rack in a bag. I just throw it in the bed of the truck. If its in a bag and it gets wet in the bed of the truck then I have something else to dry out/deal with when we get back home. So, in this situation I really didn't care if I had a bag or not. I also didn't want to add the cost of a bag to customers that may never need one.

 On the other hand, when we do take the Jeep on cycling events I want it in a bag so that it doesn't scratch up the plastic interior of the Jeep. The bag also helps against rattling inside the Jeep. If the event rack rattles against anything in the bed of the truck I never hear it, but if it rattles against things inside the Jeep we have to turn the radio up louder. (HaHa) Or stop and re-adjust things.

 The bag is also big enough, with only 1 event stand in it, that I can also throw other items in with it like our bike pump or large umbrella.

 It defiantly comes in more handy than I expected it too.